“Burning Down the House”

Burning house I’m a connections person; I don’t have many original ideas, but I like to think I have a knack for seeing the link between what might be seemingly disparate ideas. So, I’m listening to the radio (which I rarely do), and on comes Burning Down the House by the Talking Heads. Released in 1983 this was part of the group’s fifth album, Speaking in Tongues. For those of you not in the know, speaking in tongues is known as Glossolalia which is a phenomenon in which people appear to speak in languages unknown to them.  Part of the lyrics are:  Continue reading


Perfect Storm of Events

Grounded Sailboat    Last week’s blog touched on change and how difficult it is to enact; this week I want to build on some of what I expressed last week. When I was about 13 my father owned a small sailboat which he kept on the Florida Gulf Coast. One Saturday during late spring my father, sister and I went for a sail, and in the early afternoon we anchored in a small bay to eat lunch and to swim. Continue reading

Family law attorney experiences first-hand significance of elder law


Bill Gazetter Main PhotoFor attorney William “Bill” Moller, elder law hits close to home. “When I meet with clients who are trying to make long-term care decisions for themselves or their elderly relatives, I know exactly what they are going through, because I have been there,” he said. Continue reading

Oh No Snow!

Snow croppedSo this past Sunday was Mother’s Day, and the great surprise I had planned for my wife never materialized. Instead, we received over 10 inches of snow, and our home was without power for over 24 hours. Because of the weather the gift I purchased for my wife was delayed, and did not arrive until Monday.  Continue reading

Be Prepared

Prepare sticky croppedAs I mentioned in my last post, I recently celebrated a birthday. It’s funny how your thoughts about age change as you mark another year. I used to think that 54 was old, but now that I am there it does not seem so old. Of course, my daughter would likely tell me that I am a broken down model badly in need of replacement, while my middle child would remind me that he is better looking than I am, as if there ever was a debate over the issue.  Continue reading

April Fools!

april1As we know, today is April Fool’s Day. The first recorded April Fool’s Day was in 1392, and is found in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales, and in keeping with the tradition begun over 600 years ago here is a bit of humor:

“What do you do with a sick chemist? Well, if you can’t helium, and you can’t curium, then you’re going to have to barium.”  Continue reading

Today’s New Year’s Resolutions

So the fir???????????????????????????????st two months of the New Year have come and gone, and the gyms are thinning out and, if you are like me, you realize maybe you are not going to lose that holiday weight as soon as hoped. Maybe now is the time to make more lasting resolutions (like blogging weekly) than those made lightly at the end of December.

So, what resolutions make sense?  Continue reading